Top 10 Beaches in Fiji Reviewed

Fiji is renowned for its absolutely stunning beaches and the white sands, clear waters and beaming sunshine depicted in so many photographs are what draws so many people to the island nation every year. It is not uncommon to relate beaches to holidays and it is therefore no surprise that many very popular Fiji holiday packages position visitors beside some of Fiji’s most impressive beaches.

No Fiji holiday is complete without visiting and enjoying some of the nation’s spectacular beaches. Here we take a look at 10 of Fiji’s best:

1:  Cove Beach

Cove Beach is located on Turtle Island, an island containing 14 spectacular beaches that feature white sands and sparkling waters. Private picnics can be organised on eight of these beaches, some of which are enclosed by palm trees, while others are completely private due to their position by towering cliffs, within coves or adjacent to volcanic rock.

Cove Beach is just one of the beautiful beaches of Turtle Island. Part of the appeal is the adventure that you will have in reaching Cove Beach because it occupies such a remote position. Once there, you will have a wonderful opportunity to spend time in sea kayaks, snorkel or swim in the turquoise waters, or just relax on soft white sands.

2: Matamanoa Beach

Located in the Mamanuca Islands, Matamanoa Island is so loved because it is small, secluded and intimate. In Fijian, Matamanoa translates to ‘feast on the eyes’ and this is the absolute truth when it comes to Matamanoa Beach. The beach is shaped like a horseshoe and features white sands and a cone-shaped peak made of volcanic rock.

3:  Natadola Beach

Voted one of the world’s top 10 beaches, Natadola Beach features more waves than most while still offering wonderful opportunities for swimming, snorkelling, body surfing and exploring the beach for unique souvenirs. A supremely beautiful spot, Natadola is comparatively undeveloped, although some major hotel resort developments are springing up to capitalise on the amazing position of this beach and its location, only 40 minutes from Nadi.

4:  Liku Beach

In the Mamanuca Islands, Tokoriki Island Resort is home to 1000 metres of spectacular white sandy beach. It also features an amazing lagoon and impressive coral gardens, which are appealing to travellers. Liku Beach is located on the western end of Tokoriki Island and the name of this beach, translated, appropriately means ‘Sunset Beach’.

5:  Vatulele Island Beach

Vatulele Island is renowned for its incredible and very colourful coral reefs. Together with the reefs, the island offers a stunning beach that is three quarters of a mile in length and comprised of white sand. Vatulele Island Resort is often recognised as a luxury holiday destination and certainly has a beach and accommodation options that are fitting of this description.

6:  Wakaya Island Beaches

Slightly less than 36 amazing beaches can be found on Wakaya Island. Wakaya is considered a ‘scenic luxury resort’ and its beaches, quite appropriately, are lined with beautiful palm trees. A range of water-based activities are possible from Wakaya’s beaches, lagoon and reefs.

7:  Yasawa Island Beaches

The beaches of Yasawa Island are some of Fiji’s finest. Because the island resort is small (catering for no more than 34 people at a time), the island and its beaches enable a relaxed and private holiday experience.

8:  Matana Beach

Matana, a beautiful sandy beach, is located on Kadavu Island. Across the island, coral reefs and amazing beaches that are fringed with palm trees can be found, but Matana Beach is particularly special and adjoins lush and beautiful tropical gardens.

9:  Papageno Eco-Resort

The beach of Papageno Eco-Resort is also located on Kadavu Island and is acknowledged for being one of the island nation’s most untouched, beautiful, sandy beaches. Edged by a tropical rainforest, it is surrounded by lush greenery and palm trees. Snorkelling, swimming and viewing the incredible colourful fish are highly recommended activities.

10: Vomo Island Beach

Vomo Island is a special place in its own right, but is made even more special by the privacy and seclusion it offers and the white sands and warm waters that can be found. Of course, this is enhanced by turquoise waters and a beautiful blue sky.

If you love and appreciate beaches, you will not be disappointed by Fiji’s finest.